August 29, 2018
5 Instagram Apps We Love
With so many apps available now and every second feed seeming to look like a professional photography feed, Instagrammers are having to lift their editing game! Here are our top picks for IG editing.


In our humble opinion, VSCO is the best app for editing photos on the go. The app comes with a wide range of preset filters as well as tools to make even the most basic of photos ‘gram worthy.


Got something to say to your followers? Wordswag is your friend! By far one of the easiest ways to create cool typography over your images or a range of in-app stock images.


Ever wondered how people create seamless Instagram stories that run on from each other without the awkward start and stop of the video? They’re probably using this gem of an app. Simply take your video on your normal camera app, import it into continual and it will slice it up into perfect, story sized segments.


If you’re as addicted to flicking through Insta-stories as we are, you will have noticed a recent trend in creating stories featuring multiple videos on the one clip. This is a simple app to do just that. It comes with a variety of layouts to get creative with.


This is our holy grail! The easiest way to schedule Instagram content ever. It also comes with a planner feature so that you can see exactly how your grid will look once all the posts are published.