May 28, 2019
Facebook Video Changes
If you weren’t listening the first thousand times we said it, you’ll want to listen to us this time. The future of digital marketing is VIDEO, and earlier this month Facebook announced some big changes that are going to revolutionise the way video is ranked on the platform. They also released their new ‘Best Practice’ guide for producing video content for Facebook, so throw everything you thought you knew about Facebook video out the door because the changes aren’t subtle. Say goodbye to the days of quick spammy videos being king. Going forward, there are three key factors that Facebook is looking for when the algorithm is deciding how to distribute video content.

Loyalty and Intent

This is all about getting people excited to come back to your page for more. If people are watching your videos, and then returning to watch them continuously, Facebook will reward your business by prioritising this content in more users newsfeeds. This means that your focus should be on creating ‘episode style’ video series and posting them consistently so that you are both engaging your audience and giving them something to come back for. 

The company is suggesting businesses aim to produce weekly, 3 minute videos as their best opportunity to thrive in this new Facebook climate. So there’s never been a better time to get  that marketing calendar and filming schedule going.

3 MINUTES! you say? We hear you.. onto our next point! 

Viewing Duration

Capturing viewer interest with a catchy title is one thing but your ability to keep viewer interest for longer than 1 minute is the real test Facebook are posing. 

The company have suggested that your aim should be to create engaging content that is longer than three minutes in order to truly bump up your rankings. This seems to be in an effort to move the focus away from clickbait content and  further encourage meaningful engagement with the app and your business. 

When planning your video content consider not only how you can encourage that initial click but also how you can keep your viewer interested for the entirety of the video. Social media has historically conditioned audiences to have short attention spans by prioritising short form content.  Instead, your business should now consider its ability to add value through longer form content. Ask yourself, what value can we offer our audience that will engage them for a longer period of time?


If you’re solely sharing content from other sources and not adding much value of your own then it’s time to (a) Stop doing that and (b) book in with us to talk about creating your own video content!

Repurposed content is going to see limited distribution because Facebook want to encourage more creativity on the platform. Facebook has continuously stressed that all changes have been designed to benefit original content creators. Sharing funny videos you found on another account won’t cut it anymore, Facebook wants you to get your thinking cap on (or engage a team called WLKR Digital to do that for you ;))

Rather than panic, consider these changes an incredible opportunity for your business to beat the historically difficult Facebook algorithm. Understanding updates to the algorithm early means that with some planning and creativity your business has the chance to climb the ranks of Facebook and expand its audience on the platform. Not sure where to start? WLKR Video offer in depth video content creation packages to set you up for success. We also offer Video Workshops to help get you started in creating your own video content in-house. Get in touch with us to learn more.