August 6, 2020
Has TikTok Met Its Match In Instagram Reels?
Today Instagram announced their latest video feature: Instagram Reels. They describe as ‘a new way to create and discover short, entertaining videos on Instagram'. We call it Instagrams answer to the rising social media giant, TikTok

This new feature will see creators recording and editing 15 second multi-clip videos. They’ve dropped a number of audio options, effects and creative tools to entice you to get on board, with reels being shared to your regular feed. They’ve also created a new space in the explore feed for those with a public account, so it looks like your business just met a new way to spread the digital word.

This launch appears extra timely as controversy over TikTok continues as rumours its Chinese parent company, Byte Dance, are feeding users’ data to the Chinese Government.  Instagram trialled Reels in India first, where TikTok has already been banned and following its success has now sent it global. They have assured users by including a full range of privacy and safety features in Reels to allow users to pick who sees the content, how they filter comments and whether they would like to restrict viewing. Take that TikTok…

So what does this mean for your business?

First of all, if it’s something you’re interested in, it’s time to get playing. Instagram has released a how-to within their announcement so check that out here.

Like anything, you will see results where you direct your effort. This space is very fun and lighthearted, so is well suited to brands who have positioned themselves in that way already. Are you a fun cafe who has customers who seem to adore their barista? Get them on camera filming their latte art. Short bursts of information also sit well here, you could try sharing a tip of the day or a short how-to. We hate to say it, but check out TikTok for inspiration, that place is a goldmine. The only limit is your creativity. Let us remind you that the content you place on reels, like the content you place everywhere is only effective when it’s on brand and aligns with your overall goals.

So is it a space you have to occupy? No. But we have no doubt the algorithm will be favouring this content, particularly in this launch phase so if you’re keen to get creative, this is your green light. Instagram has invested some serious coin in luring influencers over from TikTok but only time will tell whether they will be successful.