November 19, 2019
How to make the most of Instagram Stories
Instagram feeds have started to feel a lot less…Instant. Curating a beautiful feed that acts like your businesses digital shop front has never been more of an art as the platform becomes increasingly saturated with competitors and creative accounts. However, users still want fast and relaxed ways to share and engage with content which is why the IG Stories feature has been such a huge success for the platform. Instagram suggests that over 400 million people use this feature every day. Utilising this feature seems like a no brainer, so we’ve listed our top tips to make the most of Instagram Stories.

Direct traffic (no fluro vest necessary)

Stories are often an accounts most seen and engaged with content. This makes it the perfect place to send people where you want them to go. Have you just written a new blog post on your website? Tell your audience about it and either let them swipe up to read it or direct them to a link in your bio if you’ve got less than 10k followers. Have you just dropped a new product online? Send traffic there! You may have just posted a video on your feed or IGTV. You can share a preview of it to your story. Let this feature be the place your audience comes to expect news and they’ll never miss a piece of content again!

Talk to your audience

It’s never been easier to interact with your audience thanks to a unique range of features offered by IG stories. You can share polls to answer the heavy hitting questions like crunchy vs smooth peanut butter and then share the results with your audience. This can be a great tool for simple market research but if you want more information, use the question option where followers can select from more than one choice or use the questions box to easily collect answers to more open ended questions. Try asking your audience what their favourite product is, what they would like to see more of from you or where they would like to see your product or service appear next.

Craft your stories outside of the app

It can look effortless, but it doesn’t always have to be. Using video or image editing tools before you get to the app can make for very unique and professional looking stories for those wanting to go the extra mile. If you’re using Photoshop or other computer programs you’ll need to use a 1080 x 1920px canvas for the feature but the limitations stop there. Even if photoshop isn’t your thing, apps like Canva and Unfold offer templates to have your content standing out.

Regram regram regram

Share user generated content to show off your audiences purchases or visits by adding their content to your story. You can regram stories you are tagged in by selecting ‘add to your story’ in your inbox and also share users IG feed posts by pressing the little share arrow below your post. Doing this not only gives you content but encourages your customers to share content in the hopes of being regrammed by you!

Moving pictures

Can’t budget in professional video content for your grid just yet? Stories are your new best friend. Give your audience an insight into the BTS of your business by sharing interviews with staff, customers or muses or use the feature to showcase how-to’s and other bits of informative content that would add value to your followers newsfeeds. Remember to record in nice lighting – daylight is best – in a quiet space and with a steady hand. Just because it’s a casual platform doesn’t mean it needs to be ugly! If you want to learn how to nail this video content get in touch with us and book in for one of our video workshops.

Psst… the next feature launching in stories is event RSVPs. Expect that to appear in the coming months.