April 6, 2021
Running With It: Four Pillars
We’re simple creatures here at WLKR. Give us a good book, some dog videos and a G&T and we’re laughing. Whilst we’re easy to please on the book and dog front, gin? Not so much. Four Pillars has been a long standing go-to. We’ve admired their digital marketing as much as their tasting notes for years. Here’s what they’re doing so well...

Branding… across the board

What can we say – we’re suckers for top notch graphic design and bottles that look pretty on our bar carts. The core branding is slick and minimal – the perfect base to then add some very creative artwork or trippy illustrations onto their limited release gins. Our favourites include the yearly Shiraz Gin and Australian Christmas Gin bottles; different local artists are commissioned to create the label and every year, they’re epic.

Consistent collaborations that are exclusive and *exciting*

Influencer and brand collabs are nothing new and unless they’re super out of the box it’s a bit of a snooze-fest – we’ve seen it all before. Where Four Pillars stands out is the exclusive brand collaborations they partake in, often with restaurants or hotels that align with their cool, understated vibe. For instance the Four Pillars X Arbory Afloat Beach Gin was released for summer and was only found on the Arbory website, or at their bar. These releases are always new botanical combinations – never their core gins just relabeled.

This is a smart tactic for a couple of reasons. It exposes Four Pillars to an entirely new audience (in this case, everyone who follows or has signed up to Arbory). We know that eDMs often have the highest ROI out of any marketing channel, and it’s safe to assume the brands they collab with have hefty databases. So sales – tick. A new audience to remarket other products to – tick. It also means that the Four Pillars brand becomes associated with the likes of QT hotels and Kisume – bougie, for food & booze lovers, without tipping over into wanker territory.

Original content

If there’s one thing that connects all our Running With It brands, it’s that their original content is copious and bang on. In Four Pillar’s case, the beautiful product photography is complemented by ‘candid’ and ‘action’ shots in the feed – cocktails being made, tastings being enjoyed, pretty bottles being held – it’s all there. One glance at their IG and you want in. They straddle that line between polished and relatable, fun and just serious enough to know that their gin is the real deal. A mixture of professional photography and off-the-cuff iPhone images taken in the distillery help this along nicely.

Such a great website

Skilled UI and UX designers get paid the big bucks for good reason. The experience a user has on a website can be the make or break between a purchase or an annoyed window exit. Four Pillars has a *lot* of information to get across on their site and it can often be one of the hardest things to design for. They’ve nailed it – the visuals are just as stunning as the usability – the menus are clear, the flow is intuitive, the copy is excellent. Four Pillars have invested in digital where it matters and given their exponential growth it’s safe to say it’s paid off.

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