July 2, 2020
Running With It: Up Bank
It's hard to believe we’re putting awesome digital marketing and a bank in the same sentence, without saying ‘don’t have’ and yet, here we are. Up Bank burst onto the banking scene in October of 2018 as the brainchild of software development company Ferocia alongside Bendigo and Adelaide Bank. This neo bank had 30,000 people using their transaction and savings accounts in the first three months, a credit to their parent company and an epic digital marketing strategy. Up Bank could not be further from the traditional banking world, living on the internet alone and nailing their digital strategy all in the same breath. What do we mean when we say they’re nailing it? Cast your eyes down a line to find out.

Eye-catching content

Up Bank is pumping out original content (find out why that’s important here). However, it’s not just original, it stands out and feels like a breath of fresh air in what is historically quite a stale industry. Just by glancing over their social media presence you get a sense for the brands target market. Their bright colours and animations suggest they don’t take themselves too seriously and are looking to engage with a younger, more tech savvy customer. This is a stark contrast to the historically more serious nature of banking and suggests they’ve done their research on millennials and Gen Z when it comes to money and their needs.


If you understand your unique selling points, you should be shouting it from the rooftops. These guys do that by revolving a lot of their content around product benefits. For example, they’ve created short animations highlighting their bill predicting notifications. In 8 seconds you are able to understand one of their features, with the option to find more information on their website. They do this repeatedly to ensure their target audience understands not only their fun side but the practical benefits of the product they are selling.


Brand awareness 101. As Arianna Grande said, ‘I see it (I see it, I see it again…), I like it, I want it, I got it’. Up Bank is in your face with their Facebook and Instagram advertising placements. We don’t just mean the odd static ad. They’re content is dynamic and utilises the power of animation to capture your attention. Their users only require one form of identification and about three minutes to have an account open with Apple Pay set up, so all they need is a hook that pushes them over the line to sign up.


Their audience gets their content online, so that’s where Up Bank’s PR team place them. They list a huge variety of features and mentions on their website. Why? Well millennials are sceptical towards advertising. They’ve grown up in the fake news cycle so instead look to user-generated content like what you’ll find on socials and online and unsponsored reviews. Forbes even tells us that 8 out of 10 millennials won’t engage a service without reading online reviews first.

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