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Passion is critical to success, and to love what you do is to believe in it. We work with businesses that we believe in. It’s a simple statement, but it’s fundamental to our own satisfaction, and consequently, to the quality of service we deliver. Our aim is always to invest in our clients beyond what they invest in us. It’s a symbiosis – our small business finds its reward in the success of your own.
Throughout our years of experience, we noticed a big problem and couldn’t find a simple solution: there’s a huge lack of education amongst business owners and marketers when it comes to digital marketing. Some people may not have the budget to outsource everything, but also lack the knowhow to do digital marketing themselves. Others need to gain a deeper understanding to then bite the investment bullet and spend on digital. So, we’ve taken matters into our own hands and created a raft of educational services so that you can up your own digital game and feel confident when making marketing decisions.


We offer three courses that need their own page to explain properly.


Social media reviews

You might love managing your own feeds and don’t want to let go of that creativity, or aren’t quite in the place where a social media management package is viable, but you still require ongoing guidance to make sure your channels are running smoothly and effectively.
Have us review the month of socials and report on what worked, what could’ve been done differently and bring some new ideas to the table for you to implement. Know other business owners just getting off the ground? Turn your review session into a group activity (just add wine, cheese and shared business advice) and we can make it even more affordable.



If you’ve arrived here at WLKR Digital without the faintest idea of what a ‘flatlay’ is, then it may be time to slow down and start with an introductory consult. These sessions are always tailored to you and your particular level of experience in the digital space. They will be as specific as you need them to be. Alternatively, you might be killing it on socials and are now interested in having a chat about how to take your overall digital performance to the next level. A consultation will reap you the same rewards – specific advice, tailored to your needs.

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