Let’s get the bones of your marketing looking extra healthy.

When the stars align and your audience is engaged; your content is excellent; and your channels are all harmonising with one another, digital marketing can be magic, but it doesn’t happen by chance. Strategy is what will get your business from A to B and we’ve been around the block enough times to know that there’s no one size fits all approach. This is the part of our job that gets our hearts racing like we’re on our fifth coffee for the day and there’s no turning back. We know how to make digital marketing magic and a good digital marketing strategy is our secret ingredient. We have three options to choose from.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Step one. If you’re serious about whipping your digital marketing into shape, stop scrolling, because this is right where you need to be. You might be just starting out, you might have been at it for 25 years, you might know exactly what you’re doing but need some guidance on the missing puzzle pieces that make it all come together.

Our comprehensive digital marketing strategy is your marketing bible. We get to know every in and out of your business in a half day session with you. There’s no such thing as too much information in our books – give us everything you’ve got. From there, we research. And brainstorm. And do some more research.

Here’s what you’ll end up with: key objectives, target audiences, key messages, competitor analysis, benchmark brands, competitive advantages, tone of voice, video content, marketing channels, content buckets, advertising recommendations, eDM and blog breakdowns and a content checklist. Geez, it’s a lot!


Content Strategy

For some people, we can skip the industry research and in-depth strategising. You may have already done it, or you may want to start smaller. In this strategy piece we focus on your content so you can implement it quickly in-house. You may want to gain an understanding as to what should be rolled out to then pick and choose what gets outsourced and where to wisely spend your marketing budget.

Here’s what you’ll end up with: Key objectives, key messages, tone of voice, video content, marketing channels, content buckets and a content checklist.


Mini Content Strategy

The C-19 crisis has given small businesses a big reason to reconsider how they’re operating. For some, it’s been a wake up call to get onto digital marketing urgently, before their competitors outshine them online. For others, you may need additional support to ensure you’re on top of any updates or different kinds of valuable content you could be creating for your audience whilst weathering this ‘rona storm.

This mini strategy has been designed to be accessible to all small business owners, with the intention of supporting you digitally over this period. We want to point you in the right direction and ensure you’re maximising the potential that marketing has to get you some momentum back.

Here’s what you’ll end up with: Key messages, mini tone of voice, video content, marketing channels, content bucket, content checklist covering three months.

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