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We do all things digital. Effective digital marketing is dependent on the complementary integration of a range of creative and tech discplines. WLKR Digital is a collective of expertise. We have a vast array of skills that have been honed through extensive industry experience, and that are continually improving thanks to our ongoing ambition – to simply get better at what we do. We’re driven to deliver a customised service solution to our clients, that offers them as much or as little support as they need to get their brand the digital representation it deserves.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Step one. If you’re serious about whipping your digital marketing into shape, stop scrolling, because this is right where you need to be. You might be just starting out, you might have been at it for 25 years, you might know exactly what you’re doing but need some guidance on the missing puzzle pieces that make it all come together. 

Our comprehensive digital marketing strategy is the answer.

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Connect with your market, turn down the competitive noise and raise your brands voice. Podcasts are the fastest growing audio medium with 3.5 million Australian listeners currently and the number of podcasts being released also exponentially growing. Now is the time to hop aboard the podcasting train to stay ahead of the pack (give it a year – every business will be on the carriage next door). We can kickstart the process with a strategy, episode planning and teaching you how to record. Then you can be left to your own devices or we can help to produce, edit and host the podcast for you!

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Social Media Reviews

You might love managing your own feeds and don’t want to let go of that creativity, or aren’t quite in the place where a social media management package is viable, but you still require ongoing guidance to make sure your channels are running smoothly and effectively.

Have us review the month of socials and report on what worked, what could’ve been done differently and bring some new ideas to the table for you to implement. Know other business owners just getting off the ground? Turn your review session into a group activity (just add wine, cheese and shared business advice) and we can make it even more affordable.

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If you’ve arrived here at WLKR Digital without the faintest idea of what a ‘flatlay’ is, then it may be time to slow down and start with an introductory consult. These sessions are always tailored to you and your particular level of experience in the digital space. They will be as specific as you need them to be. Alternatively, you might well be killing it on socials and are now interested in having a chat about how to take your overall digital performance to the next level. A consultation will reap you the same rewards – specific advice, tailored to your needs.

We offer three consultation options:

  1. Social Media. Learn how to have your channels humming nicely. We go over things like content ideas, posting do’s and don’ts, how to run advertising campaigns and create a beautiful Instagram feed.
  2. Digital Marketing. Take the social media consult and add blog posts, eDMs and broader digital marketing strategy. This session covers everything you need to know about the digital space to get you off to a great start.
  3. Video Creation. You’ll hear us harp on about the importance of video content, but we understand that the expense of professional production may not be in the budget. Our solution? Teach you how to create your own video content that won’t let your digital marketing strategy down. We run through basic theory and then actually create videos with you then and there.
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Influencer Collaborations

We WLKed into the social media game early, and now our clients are reaping the rewards. What was once a small community of digital innovators is now an extensive network of social influencers. A network that WLKR digital has long been proud to participate in. We connect your brand with people who do more than take pretty pictures. Brand advocacy is about engaging influencers who share your target audience, and who genuinely resonate with your product or service. We facilitate the whole process, from campaign strategy to collaboration, all the way through to tracking the results.

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Graphic Design

The art behind the digital world. Branding, websites, and social media – achieving a successful aesthetic in each of these is dependent on creative, consistent, and educated graphic design. Our team will have your EDM’s looking slick, your Instagram competitions being irresistible, and your website banners doing your beautiful brand justice. Logo creation, branding guidelines, and professional documents are also up our alley. We want to See your brand’s visual identity completely illustrate its character.

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Today’s digital media landscape is all about video content. Why? Audiences love it, and so does Google. A two minute, high quality video on your website makes you fifty three times more likely to appear on the first page. Four times as many consumers would prefer to watch a video about a product than to read about it. Having the word “video” in an email subject line increases click through rates by 65%. They are the most engaging pieces of content you can create, by a mile. Convinced yet?

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These days, everyone has a camera at their fingertips. Unfortunately, not everyone is a photographer. Content. Is. Everything. And to achieve an engaging digital presence, beautiful imagery is absolutely critical. We mustn’t underestimate the level of artistry behind a powerful photo. The right photography for your website or social media channels takes you from amateur, to regram-worthy in an instant. We snap people, products and places. Are you after photography for another purpose? We probably do that too, just ask.

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CRM & EDM Creation

Customer Relationship Management. It’s a hassle to even say it. Electronic Direct Mail. Have we lost you yet? To put both CRM and EDM simply, they’re the things that manages your database of clients and leads. Their job, if done correctly, is to generate both repeat and new business. We can do the whole shebang: set up your CRM software, sort out and manage your database, and create the EDM’s (AKA the newsletters) that your customers receive. Strategy, copywriting, graphic design, and implementation: all done for you.

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Words, words, words. Communicating in an intelligent and engaging manner, that speaks to your brand as well as it does to your audience, can often be easier said than written. We’re here to say it, and write it, for you. We offer copywriting for a variety of formats – including original and complete website copy, blog posts, and email newsletters. Excellent copy goes hand-in-hand with your overall digital strategy, particularly with your SEO performance. We’ll make sure we understand your brand’s essence, and translate that into communications that convey only the best version of itself. Even in this digital visual world, language matters.

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Content creation

You own a business, so chances are you’re a bit of a control freak. That’s cool, we are too. If you’re not quite ready to relinquish the management of your social channels and still want to run them yourself, then we also offer content creation. Content could be designing the composition of a flat lay for your latest collection, writing regular blog posts, or organising collaborations with influencers. We’ll offer our creative services to you, for you to implement the content whenever and however you choose.

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Social Media Management

You already know how important a solid social media presence is for your business. Someone, if not everyone, has told you as so. Guess what? They’re right. If you’re not on it, you’re losing business. It’s as simple as that. But how do you wrangle its potential without falling into the pale-pink-marble-interiors-inspo-quote-bikini-shot trap? Or, you’re across every social platform, but just lack the time it takes to manage your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest accounts, while doing that other thing called running a business. Whichever it is, WLKR can generate, schedule, manage, and track a social media presence to leverage the most out of this contemporary media phenomenon.

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