Wlking the digital talk

We do all things digital because it works,
it’s fun, and we’re good at it.


We do all things digital. Effective digital marketing is dependent on the complementary integration of a range of creative and tech disciplines.


When the stars align and your audience is engaged; your content is excellent; and your channels are all harmonising with one another, digital marketing can be magic, but it doesn’t happen by chance. Strategy is what will get your business from A to B and we’ve been around the block enough times to know that there’s no one size fits all approach. This is the part of our job that gets our hearts racing like we’re on our fifth coffee for the day and there’s no turning back. We know how to make digital marketing magic and a good digital marketing strategy is our secret ingredient. We have three options to choose from.

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What’s a digital marketing strategy without content? A big document. What’s a website without words? Some nice transitions and a logo. Content covers everything from copywriting (website, blogs, eDMs) to graphic design assets (gifs, branded social media posts), to photography and video (which is so important that it gets its own section). Once you’ve WLKed through a strategy, it’s time to put the running shoes on and start creating.

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The hard yards are done – strategy is in place, content has been created. Time to WLK the talk and get things moving. We can implement part, or all of your digital marketing depending on your internal capabilities, your objectives and your budget. As with everything we do, implementation can be rolled out on an ongoing package basis – essentially using us as your outsourced digital marketing department – or on a project basis with an influencer reach out to help you launch a new product, for instance.

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You’ve read, heard and WATCHED every woman and her dog talk about the importance of video content for your digital marketing strategy. This is one of the few occasions that the hype is actually warranted (unlike Fyre Festival). We found ourselves focussing on fantastic video content (the stuff that looks good but actually means something too) in every strategy we created.

Our wonderful videographers Josh and Selenna have been working on creating content alongside our team for the better part of five years and with the video wave continuing to grow we knew it was a smart move for our clients, and ourselves, to launch WLKR Video.

Not convinced? Here are some stats we prepared earlier: viewers retain 95% of a message when watching video, compared to 10% when reading text. 72% of consumers would rather learn about a product or service via video. Social media posts with video have 48% more views and generate 1200% more shares then text and image combined.

Let’s create your story.

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Passion is critical to success, and to love what you do is to believe in it. We work with businesses that we believe in. It’s a simple statement, but it’s fundamental to our own satisfaction, and consequently, to the quality of service we deliver. Our aim is always to invest in our clients beyond what they invest in us. It’s a symbiosis – our small business finds its reward in the success of your own.
Throughout our years of experience, we noticed a big problem and couldn’t find a simple solution: there’s a huge lack of education amongst business owners and marketers when it comes to digital marketing. Some people may not have the budget to outsource everything, but also lack the knowhow to do digital marketing themselves. Others need to gain a deeper understanding to then bite the investment bullet and spend on digital. So, we’ve taken matters into our own hands and created a raft of educational services so that you can up your own digital game and feel confident when making marketing decisions.

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'We’ve lost count of the amount of new and existing clients who talk about our social media accounts and our copywriting! One of the best decisions we made as a young business was partnering with Victoria and the team."
— Future Advisory

Our Team

A team of champions, or a champion team? Who said they had to be mutually exclusive?

Victoria Walker

Social media junkie, copywriting nut and organisational genius (she got it from her Mumma). Being a twin means she’s good at sharing but being the older one means she has a bossy streak. Victoria cooks to relax (ask for the triple choc biccies) and writes lists for fun. Is on a constant mission to keep her indoor plants alive, and to convince her partner Adam to get her three puppies.  Loves dogs and nature more than anything.

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