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We do all things digital because it works,
it’s fun, and we’re good at it.


We do all things digital. Effective digital marketing is dependent on the complementary integration of a range of creative and tech disciplines.

Social Media Management

You already know how important a solid social media presence is for your business. Someone, if not everyone, has told you as so. Guess what? They’re right. If you’re not on it, you’re losing business. It’s as simple as that. But how do you wrangle its potential without falling into the pale-pink-marble-interiors-inspo-quote-bikini-shot trap? Or, you’re across every social platform, but just lack the time it takes to manage your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest accounts, while doing that other thing called running a business. Whichever it is, WLKR can generate, schedule, manage, and track a social media presence to leverage the most out of this contemporary media phenomenon.

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Content creation

You own a business, so chances are you’re a bit of a control freak. That’s cool, we are too. If you’re not quite ready to relinquish the management of your social channels and still want to run them yourself, then we also offer content creation. Content could be designing the composition of a flat lay for your latest collection, writing regular blog posts, or organising collaborations with influencers. We’ll offer our creative services to you, for you to implement the content whenever and however you choose.

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Influencer Collaborations

We WLKed into the social media game early, and now our clients are reaping the rewards. What was once a small community of digital innovators is now an extensive network of social influencers. A network that WLKR digital has long been proud to participate in. We connect your brand with people who do more than take pretty pictures. Brand advocacy is about engaging influencers who share your target audience, and who genuinely resonate with your product or service. We facilitate the whole process, from campaign strategy to collaboration, all the way through to tracking the results.

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Graphic Design

The art behind the digital world. Branding, websites, and social media – achieving a successful aesthetic in each of these is dependent on creative, consistent, and educated graphic design. Our team will have your EDM’s looking slick, your Instagram competitions being irresistible, and your website banners doing your beautiful brand justice. Logo creation, branding guidelines, and professional documents are also up our alley. We want to See your brand’s visual identity completely illustrate its character.

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Web Design

A brilliant website is at the centre of a successful digital marketing strategy. It’s the glue that sticks all the other facets together. Social media campaigns will convert to sales, SEO results will soar, blog posts become more engaging… the list goes on. It took us years to track down other like-minded web designers to join the party, and it was well worth the wait. We all have access to the best front and back end developers. Our experience covers everything from a beautiful one-pager for your cafe or a detailed custom WordPress site for a minimal skincare range.

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'We’ve lost count of the amount of new and existing clients who talk about our social media accounts and our copywriting! One of the best decisions we made as a young business was partnering with Victoria and the team."
— RBK Advisory

Our Team

A team of champions, or a champion team? Who said they had to be mutually exclusive?

Victoria Walker

Social media junkie, copywriting nut and organisational genius (she got it from her Mamma). Being a twin means she’s good at sharing but being the older one means she has a bossy streak. Victoria cooks to relax (ask for the triple choc biccies) and writes lists for fun. Is on a constant mission to keep her indoor plants alive, and to convince her partner Adam to get her three puppies.  Loves dogs and nature more than anything.

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Mia Burgess

As pedantic about Facebook status’ as she is about her cheese boards. Account manager skills as good as her singing voice. Does a great Fleetwood cover and can renovate a caravan (an unusual yet handy talent). Loves camping, going to gigs and lead singers with long hair (read: her partner Robbie). Can recite all the Australian Prime Ministers throughout history (where’d you get these… interesting skills from, Mia?) Probably a great addition to your Trivia team. Yet to confirm.

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Matt Misuraca

Don’t let the man bun and motorbike fool you. Matt isn’t that tough and, he’s as creative as they come. Graphic design is his forte and you’ll want his midas touch for your rebrand or logo or EDM. He has experience designing  across multiple industries and after working with Virgin, decided he’d ticked enough boxes to do his own thing. He had a full time workload within two weeks, because he’s that good. Your go-to for movie or beer suggestions, and your dance-floor partner (can’t say no to a boogie).

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Steve Aylward

Graphic designer. Web designer. Web developer. Coder. Too many skills not enough Steve. Living in London for 12 years and working as a Publishing Director set him up perfectly for business owning success. After honing his craft(s) at RMIT in Ho Chi Minh, Steve came home and started Ven Creative. WLKR were lucky enough to meet him via our co-working space and our business clicked so well that we literally knocked a wall down to share an office. True love.

Meet the team

Andy Nguyen

Seems sweet but underneath that charming smile, Andy is a sassy brainiac. Loves his dog Tai even more than he loves pho. As good at making rice paper rolls as he is at SEO. Can tell you the best deals on Oz Bargain at any given time. By far the most cultured bloke in the office… grew up in Vietnam, lived in Canada and has now been in Melbourne for a handful of years. He’ll tell you about it over an espresso martini.

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Jess Knollmeyer

Jess’ colourful hair isn’t nearly as vibrant as her fun filled personality. She web designs with that same level of energy and possesses an incredible combination of creativity and project management skills that are as rare as a unicorn sighting.  Jess hails from Seattle but the Aussie’s sucked her in for good after she made the big move a few years ago. Can confirm she pronounces Melbourne correctly. Loves craft beer, hula-hooping and glitter. Lots. Of. Glitter. She can also take you through a yoga session and has travelled far and wide.

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Josh Battaglia

Hair so luscious it’s the envy of every woman in the office. Style so good everyone shops where he shops. Lived in Italy for a year (don’t worry he’ll let you know) and grew up on the Peninsula. A true Italian stallion… Josh appreciates a well aged prosciutto just as he enjoys an $8 bottle of red from Aldi. A man of many of contradictions. Josh has the project management thing nailed and is a joy to communicate with, which is why he’s the ideal account manager for web design & SEO. He’s the guy who knows what’s going on across your entire digital strategy at all times.

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Selenna Nieva

This kale loving lady has been caffeine free for over a year. We had to think long and hard about allowing her to join the team. Her videography skills outweighed her blasphemous decision (just). Other things to know about Selenna: Skincare junkie. World traveller. Ray of sunshine.

Meet the team

Josh Richardson

Josh is as sweet as he takes his coffee (four sugars. Yes, four). Grew up in England but a gorgeous Australian by the name of Selenna (hint: she’s also in our team) has him stuck in Melbourne for good. Lucky for us, because his videography skills are hard to come by. He’s passionate about the environment and is full of fascinating facts. Tries to be vegan but cheese gets him every time. Loves chocolate more than most.

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Michelle Jarni

Michelle & Victoria met on a shoot for the Urban List and have continued to collaborate ever since. Looking through her food photography makes the entire office suddenly starving. Flat-lays, product shoots, campaign shoots. They’re all up her alley. Loves Japanese culture and is the funniest IG story-maker you’ve watched in a while.

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