If you want to WLK far, WLK together.

They say in life you should surround yourself with people who you admire, whose purpose you believe in, and who inspire you to be the best version of yourself – we apply the same philosophy to our clientele. Since we took our first steps we have been WLKing hand-in-hand with like-minded people and businesses, guiding them along their digital journeys towards a destination we’re both invested in. Our partners represent a diverse range of industries and require a diverse range of services, but share a common desire for innovative, creative, and collaborative digital marketing.

Flourish Live Naturally

When it comes to good health, Flourish Live Naturally are leading the pack. Beginning from the belief that food is healing, Medicinal Nutritionist, Kathy Ashton and her team have combined whole food ingredients to create their powerful blends that perfectly complement a healthy lifestyle.

After success sharing their blends and their own wellness journeys at markets across the east coast of Australia, they thought it was time they tackle the digital world. Thats where we come in.
Flourish got us on board to manage their socials, EDMs and blogposts, as well as lead the way when it comes to content creation.

If we have ideas, we make them happen and working closely with the Ven Design team we ensure that all aspects of web design and social are aligned. This makes for a seamless reflection of the brand on all digital platforms and means that we essentially act as their outsourced marketing team.

The beauty of having our expert team leading their communications and marketing is that brand imagery, tone and messaging are always cohesive, leaving more time for us to get creative. We are constantly strategising ways to build brand awareness, be it through influencer marketing or digital advertising to grow Flourish. As a result, you could say, the brand is really flourishing…

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Lindt Australia

When you think ‘luxury chocolate’, we’re confident one of the first brands that springs to mind is Lindt.

Since 1845, Lindt have been global leaders in the chocolate industry and when the WLKR team were presented with the opportunity to work with such an established brand, we jumped at the chance.

Focusing on project based content creation, the WLKR team take the lead on creative direction and concepts, co-ordinating shoots and the production of thumb-stopping, drool-worthy content for Lindt’s social media feeds and paid advertisements.

“Victoria and the team did a great job creating new social content for one of our products. Creative, hardworking, full of ideas and passionate with a great eye for our premium brand.” – Thomas Schnetzler, Maître Chocolatier

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Sensori+ is a Melbourne born brand, imagined by a group of young nature lovers and health advocates who are on a mission to heal the air we breathe.

Their Air Detoxifying Mists are formulated using their own advanced ChlorosPURE® technology that eliminates harmful toxins from the air, where traditional air sprays act as ‘masking’ agents.

Rather than contaminating our space with further chemical compounds and synthetic scents, Sensori+ has created a luxury product that cuts through the crap (literally and figuratively), and they were looking for someone to do the same with their digital marketing strategy. That’s where we come in.

WLKR Digital work closely with the Sensori+ team to manage their social media platforms with creative and on-brand content. We take the lead on regular content shoots as well as strategising and managing influencer campaigns. We take care of everything from initial contact, creative press kits, content briefs and reporting to get the most from these collaborations.

Our content creation doesn’t stop at visuals. We create regular blog posts and assist with copywriting for EDMs and website while we’re at it, making sure messaging is consistent across the board.


“It’s such a fun and dynamic team to work with! Victoria, Mia and Nicole are passionate, communicative and professional. The WLKR Team has always delivered work exceeding and going beyond our expectations. This is also a team that listens to the brand and deliver solutions precisely tailored for the brand. A massive thank you to these ladies for their excellent work!” Ben, Director

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Hunter Lab

Hunter Lab is a Melbourne-based brand providing skincare tools to the modern human. Not only is their range high-quality, natural, and environmentally sustainable, but it is crafted with a view to re-introducing contemporary, inspired design and textures into the routine of daily life. Consistency and quality of design and branding could not be more paramount. Despite having pre-existing branding guidelines and a definitive marketing strategy, Hunter Lab were on the hunt – poor-pun-intended – for a digital marketing specialist to comprehensively ramp-up their online presence. That’s where we WLKed in. WLKR Digital now essentially operates as the digital marketing arm of Hunter Lab, working closely with their in-house team. We are tasked with adhering to strict brand guidelines while strategising on, producing, and sourcing creative content across all mediums. We provide complete social media management, including the conduct of numerous influencer collaborations. This process includes sourcing influencers, approaching them, delivering the brief, and finally monitoring the results. Our content production extends to copywriting services, where we produce blogs and EDMs. We collaborate with their team on topic strategy, then write, design, code, and send the campaigns.

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Volt Café

Let’s play Word Association. We say, “Instagram!” You say, “Coffee.” Everyone does. Café Culture and the Instagram platform are now inseparable, and consequently it’s become a highly competitive market to try and secure a foothold in. Luckily we’ve been providing social media services to the hospitality industry since our outset, so we know how to tap into even the most elite Melbourne Coffee Snob’s psyche. We were able to assess the challenges facing Volt Café – from digital marketplace to physical location – and adjust our strategy accordingly. We prioritised the need for high quality photography, and were determined to use only original content. We collaborated with our photographer Michele – whose clientele includes The Urban List – to achieve a professional, consistent feed of quality imagery. Our focus is on engagement as opposed to following, and our success has encouraged Volt to enlist our services not only on socials, but also on the design and build of their upcoming website.

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Future Advisory

Our passion for collaboration and comradery, for good people behind good businesses, and for mutual respect and championing, is entirely represented in our relationship with Future Advisory. Future Advisory are a team of mates who just happen to be fully qualified CPAs determined to provide easy, affordable accounting and business advisory services to small businesses like themselves, in a way that prioritised the people over the numbers. Sound familiar? WLKR has known Future since it was one man doing online tax returns on the side, so it’s no wonder our philosophies are well aligned. Since that time, Future expanded to a team of twenty in under two years and has since transformed into the current company under this new name, with an even better brand. Their willingness to engage in the modern digital marketing space is reflective of their business – they’re young, tech-savvy thought leaders who are guiding their industry into the future.

Future’s success demonstrates the importance of social media to professional services businesses. WLKR devised and executed a content strategy that employed multiple platforms to showcase Future’s distinction within their industry. In addition to social, we deliver blogs, eDMs and video content. Our partnership was one facet of the overall strategy which saw Future’s business double in under a year, generates constant leads through Facebook, and even led to further requests for copywriting services. Forced to put a label on our relationship…we’d call it a marriage.

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