December 22, 2021
5 Things To Revisit In Your Digital Marketing Strategy
This time of the year is everyone’s moment to reset – especially as business owners – and take stock of things that get lost during the chaos of the year. Business plans get pulled back out and digital marketing strategies should *definitely* be revisited.

If you don’t have a digital marketing strategy, we’ve written and spoken about them ad nauseam before. That’s your 2022 marketing priority sorted.

If you do have a strategy, hooray! But it’s not a set and forget piece of work. It should evolve as your business changes and 2021 was one of the biggest years for change we’ve had maybe ever. Here’s where we’ll be paying extra attention to this month.

Target audience

Everything in your strategy comes back to your target audience. Their habits, interests, buying decisions and priorities probably had a tweak last year. How have they changed? Do they care about different things now? Are they older or younger? Seeking other things in brands before buying such as a clear stance on diversity? Do your research and take your time in this section as it’ll inform the rest of your updates.


Marketing channels

Now you’ve done a refresh of your target audience, you’ll be able to find out where they’re living online. If it’s still on the channels that you’ve already got a presence on, great. If they’ve started to move elsewhere, time to get moving too.



Timing shoots between lockdowns last year was next to impossible so we’re going to go out on a limb here and assume your content is looking pretty… tired. Or non-existent. Videos, photos, blogs – they all need an update. Your team may have changed and we’re certain that the general quality and expectations of video content in your industry will have upped itself in the last 12 months. Book in your team, get a brief done and make it happen.

Content should always come back to your buckets. If you’re reading through the existing strategy and thinking “mmm that doesn’t really apply anymore” then scrap it and replace it with a new bucket that does apply.


Key messages

If you’ve evolved (we refuse to use pivot) as a business in the last 12-18 months as many of us have, then your key messages may not be relevant or they’re relevant but not entirely accurate. Consider whether your three messages are still the most important things an audience member needs to know about the business. Are you predominantly online rather than bricks and mortar this year? Have you added at-home products to your list of clinic services for instance? Has your process changed to be more cohesive with rona-led life? Looking at your recent advertising or blog copy could help you on your way here.



Your business has changed which means your competitors have too. There’s a lot to look at in this section: what are your competitors doing well online now? Where have they dropped the ball? Is their website update looking incredible and upping the baseline for your own? What have they added or dropped from their product or service offering? Where’s their competitive advantage when comparing your businesses?

The hardest part of a proper SWOT analysis is being honest with yourself about where your own weaknesses lie. The more thorough you are, the better. It means you have the capacity to fix those weaknesses and strengthen your advantages. Be objective!


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