August 16, 2018
Influencer Interview: Base Colour
Holly Titheridge & Shaun Lyle are two of Melbourne's most successful influencers thanks to their beautiful content, effortless style and admirable work ethic. As digital marketers, we're in touch with influencers all the time and it can be hard to find people who are genuine, and talented. These two are exactly that- a pleasure to work with and reliable in the quality of content they deliver. Read on to learn about their joint blog Base Colour, and what it takes to become an influencer.

How did you find yourselves heading down the influencer road?


The process happened very organically. It was out of a passion for photography and fashion that our social media accounts came about; it was a way to showcase all our loves in one place. From posting regularly across these accounts we saw our following grow, and from this growth, starting a business together was a natural progression.


What do you love about Instagram? If you could change something about it, what would it be?


We love having the ability to be creative and share our passions with a global audience. If we could change one thing on Instagram, it would definitely be the algorithm. It should definitely be in chronological order to allow everyone that is following you to view your content on their feed.


What do you consider when collaborating with brands?


We make a conscious effort to collaborate with brands that we genuinely love and use/wear their product. We feel this approach keeps everything very organic and engages our audience so much better.


Any advice for those interested in making a living off social media?


Choose something you are passionate about and invest time into gaining photography and IT skills. It won’t happen overnight so work hard and don’t give up!


Do you ever feel the caption creation struggle? How do you tend to craft them?


All the time! It is actually a skill in itself to come up with captions for every post that we create – and we post quite a few! You just have to strip it back and ask yourself why are you posting this image and what message do you want to get across… then pray that a caption comes to mind!


Your careers mean you get to enjoy some of the best experiences around Victoria. Can you give us an outline of your ultimate weekend getaway? 


We both have a love for the ocean and spend a lot of our spare time by the coast. So our ultimate weekend getaway would involve staying along the Bellarine Peninsula enjoying some of the regions best food and wine.





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