Learn how to WLK the digital marketing talk.

Wlk The Talk in its infancy was the name of our podcast which combined digital marketing education with practical skills, and plenty of banter. We’ve taken this idea and expanded it to launch the educational arm of WLKR Digital. This idea has been brewing for a while in the background as it so clearly aligns with our values of continual learning and giving back. We want small business owners, students and people interested in expanding their marketing skills to have a knowledgeable but fun educational hub that covers the most important bits of digital so you can implement your new found skills yourself.

Video Workshop

If you’ve met us then you’ve heard us wax lyrical about the importance of video content for any digital marketing strategy. The reason it often doesn’t get implemented is simple – you don’t know how to do it. Video workshops are designed to have you and your team feeling confident and excited about filming your own content for use on social media. We start with an introduction about why video content is so important and what it means for the business so everyone feels invested from the get go. Then you’ll be taken through basic theories of video… but this workshop is less about sitting there stifling yawns, and more about putting what you’ve learnt into practice. You’ll have time in between sessions to film based off what you’ve learnt and then an opportunity to receive feedback from us and your fellow students to get those videos looking really damn good and most importantly, getting objective opinions about whether the content is genuinely engaging. 

Over 1 week you’ll get…

1 x masterclass from a videographer and a digital marketer

1 x live question and feedback sessions via Zoom

Access to a private FB group

Homework and discussion topics to further your learning

Cost: $250 +GST

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Digital Marketing Course

There’s a clear problem for start ups and small businesses that we want to solve: you’ve got the idea, you might have started the business or even been running for a while, you know digital marketing is important, but you don’t know where to start. Often, outsourcing isn’t an option due to a tight budget, or it’s not something you’re willing to invest in because you’ve either heard the horror stories or had the misfortune of experiencing one yourself. Our digital marketing course covers all the basics you need to know in order to implement a strategy yourself. Or, perhaps you have no intention of implementing it, you just want to have a thorough understanding of what good digital marketing actually is. You’ll learn everything from how to formulate your tone of voice, key messages and content buckets, to how to optimise content across different channels, the channels you should be using and how to use them. We do it in a group format for a few reasons: it’s more fun, networking is a nice bonus, and you learn more by having like-minded people to chat with. It’s interactive and it’s tailored to the businesses in your group.

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FB & IG Ads Basics

The second most commonly asked question we get (after “can Facebook really hear me?”) is “should I be advertising on social media?” Closely followed by “how much should I spend?” As with anything digital, blanket statements are meaningless. Between business manager, boosting versus campaigns and an ad set compared to an ad, knowing where to start can be overwhelming. Just to keep you (even more) on your toes, the format and features of Facebook advertising change regularly. In this 2 week course, you’ll learn how to set up your business manager properly, create audiences, boost posts and set up effective campaigns. Ideally, you’ll already have the foundations laid with the Digital Marketing Course where your audiences will have been broken down and your key messages prepared, ready to turn that work into powerful advertising. 

Over 2 weeks you’ll get…

2 x masterclasses

2 x live question sessions via Zoom

Access to a private FB group

Homework and discussions topics to further your learning

Cost: $350 +GST (launch price, limited time only)

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