May 7, 2020
Running With It: Supergoop!
With the risks associated with sun exposure seriously squashing the social status of a tan, sunscreen has been pushed to the forefront of our minds (and beauty cabinets). Suddenly, SPF is very on trend and brands are well and truly catching on. US brand Supergoop! has taken this market for sunscreen and done what any successful brand does best, capitalised on it. Wrapping sun protection up with modern and cohesive branding, they are selling a seriously cool vibe and with an Instagram following of 278,000 we clearly aren’t the only ones who think so. Now the real question, how are they selling this lifestyle in a bottle?

Branding is everything

Google tells us that branding is important as it not only makes a memorable impression on consumers but allows your customers to know what to expect from your company. Supergoop! has given themselves a sense of brand identity by combining aesthetically confident branding from font, to logo, to colours to their consistent messaging. How can you tell? They literally list them on their website and in their Instagram biography. They shout their key messages from the digital rooftops, think in their IG stories, highlights and captions. Heck, it’s in almost every piece of communication they put out there.

Spicy creative assets

There is nothing vanilla about Supergoop!’s digital communications. Each post on their social media platform appears well thought out and creative. They don’t just drop a product shot, they animate it or they turn it into a video. They include a range of people. Each piece of content feels fresh and unexpected, but they manage to tie it all together with their distinct branding. Learn from this by changing the way you look at your product or service for content. Instead of just sharing product images, Supergoop! share self care routines, guest makeup tutorials, funny memes or infographics, sun-smart propaganda…the list goes on. These are all elements that contribute to communicating their overall brand message.

Making learning cool again

Supergoop! wants you to always wear your sunscreen. Well duh, if I wear more I buy more. That being said, they do make a very good case for the benefits of their product by using their creative assets to educate their audience. They want you to know their WHY. They use video from their founder, video from experts and facts throughout their communications to help you understand first and foremost why you need a sunscreen on a functional level, before they use additional messages to tell you why you need their sunscreen. By educating their audience they create trust and they create a sense of need. At the end of the day, that’s the bread and butter of sales.

The Brightside

Their blog, the brightside takes all of these elements and wraps it up into one informative and aesthetically pleasing branding machine. The articles inform whilst also giving their reader a sense of the Supergoop! woman. Spoiler alert: she’s pretty badass. Our favourites?
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