April 4, 2018
Foodie Feature: Melbourne Breakfast Diary
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With food bloggers popping up every 10 minutes on Instagram, it’s hard to stay ahead of the pack and stand out in a large crowd. We had a chat to Sasha from Melbourne Breakfast Diary about how she grew her channel and became one of the most well-known foodies in Melbourne.


Tell us a bit about MBD- what is it and what services do you offer?

Melbourne Breakfast Diary is a platform on Instagram, Facebook and web that exists to bring you the best Melbourne cafe hot-spots.  Whether you are a weekend or weekday person, early riser or late bruncher, the venues listed throughout our pages cater to all types of requirements. Featuring options from all of Melbourne’s suburbs (North, South, East, West & CBD) there is something for all our readers.


How did you get into food blogging and what made you start it?

I started MBD just over three years ago. It began as a bit of tongue-in-cheek; I never thought it would grow the way it did. I’ve always been obsessed with food. So when I was working full time catching up with friends on the weekend for breakfast, taking photos and uploaded was something I always did. I used to comment on the food saying ‘there’s not enough avo’ ‘eggs are overcooked’ blah blah blah and eventually, a friend suggested I should start a food blog. My immediate reaction was that I would never do it- not something I’m interested in. But clearly my mind changed… I grew MBD to 30K followers without following anyone because I was embarrassed what my friends would say if they knew that’s what I was doing (at this point it wasn’t exactly an acknowledged career path). Then when I gained enough credit and saw all my friends were following me, without knowing it was me, I knew I had something pretty good going 🙂


Do you have any tips for future bloggers to find success on insta?

My biggest tip is be consistent. You want to always be on people’s radar. Be sure to post new content at least once a day.


Is MBD your full-time job? If not what else do you do?

MBD has been my full-time job now for just over a year now. Before that, I worked in the family business.


What are some of your future plans for MBD?

Right now I’m just riding the wave with MBD. I love what I do. I would like to expand in some sort of way but am unsure of what that looks like yet.


Finally, give us a couple of your favourite foodie destinations around Melbourne?

My favourite food hot spots is Penta in Elsternwick. I’m obsessed with their chia pudding! I also have a slight addiction to Green Cup acai bowls. Granger Cafe in Caulfield East do the best breakfast salad, I always go there when I get chance. MOB Camberwell do an awesome Nutella Hong Kong Waffle and really good smoothies! My go-to for my morning coffee is Pour Kids in Malvern.



You can follow Sasha’s foodie adventures on her Instagram & Facebook pages.