March 28, 2019
Influencer Interview: Jessica Alizzi
Jessica Alizzi has had us lusting after her effortless outfits for what feels like forever and we’re not the only ones. The Melbourne-based fashion & lifestyle influencer has developed a highly engaged following on Instagram where she shares her daily style. We work with a number of influencers for a variety of clients but her professionalism and quality of content has definitely been a highlight for us. We dive a little deeper into her story and take on the world of influencer marketing below.

When did you get started on Instagram and when did your account really take off?

I started Instagram about 4 years ago and I would say my account really took off around 2.5-3 years ago. The first year, I was pretty busy with study/work still, but once I was just studying full time and blogging full time, I found my page had a lot more success 

What is your favourite part of Instagram? What would you change if you could?

My favourite part of Instagram is being able to connect with all my amazing followers on a regular basis. I am constantly talking to girls (in particular) on my Instagram messages about fashion, style trends and also often their life and the fact that so many people feel comfortable enough to message me and start a conversation with me is definitely the highlight of being a public figure on Instagram. 

One thing I would change about Instagram is the emphasis put on followers/engagement on Instagram. Although I believe it is very important to be able to see how your content is tracking to gauge how your audience is resonating with your imagery, how many likes/followers you have can easily become an obsession and can also sometimes take away from the creativity that is Instagram and Instagram content. 

When choosing whether or not to work with a brand, how do you decide?

There are a few things I will consider before working with a brand. Firstly, whether it is a brand that I actually like and would use/wear/buy even if I wasn’t working with them. Secondly, whether it is on brand for my personal branding and aesthetic and lastly, whether the brand shares the same values/goals as me. I would also want to ensure that the brand respects and acknowledges my personal branding and aesthetic and also understands the value of my work. I think in order for a collaboration between an influencer and a brand to be truly successful, these aspects are incredibly important to establish prior to working together. 

Your outfit selfies are a serious staple on your feed, any tips for nailing the perfect shot?

Lighting is really important, having a big mirror and a clean space to work with is also important and also just wearing an outfit that you really love. Besides that, I don’t think there is that much to it! 

What is the biggest lesson you have learnt from social media?

Having a thick skin is really important in life, but particularly on social media and even more so – if social media is your full time job. A few years ago when I originally started Instagram, every little negative comment would get me down and ruin my day, whereas now I am able to differentiate between what is constructive feedback and what is unnecessary negativity from keyboard warriors, and the unnecessary negativity doesn’t really get to me so much anymore. I think this is something I have learnt over time and also a mindset that I have carried out in my working and personal life too. People will always have something to say, but it is up to you how you react to their opinions. 

You were recently soaking up the sun in Thailand, what are your top three must haves for the perfect summer getaway?

You mean I can only pick three? Well – I guess they would have to be – a bikini, a really good book and some coconut oil (…and my boyfriend too).