December 22, 2020
Our Top Ten 2020 Instagram Follows
Tinsel isn’t the only thing reflecting in December. The most wonderful time of the year is also a prime opportunity to look back on the year that was. We had a think about our favourite follows of 2020, all of whom can be put into the escapism, lockdown-activity-inspo, or out-of-the-box creative categories.  If Instagram capped the accounts you could follow tomorrow and we had to choose 10 (sorry Mum), these are it…


Not your average floral stylist, Hattie is a Fitzroy based blooms wizard who manages to stand out in an industry swamped with creativity. She’s landed some pretty epic installations this year but our favourite pictures to drool over have to be anything in her dreamy studio. Watch us tile our entire house in soft green…


Yes, we mean the very famous singer you have probably heard belting ‘soooooo… before you goooo’ on your radio all year.  Before you think *snore*, Lewis is funny, really funny. There’s a fair bit of your standard promo content BUT his stories and captions make it worth it. Trust us.


These guys have been doing ethical and genuinely diverse workwear from their conception. Their models, size range and manufacturing process is transparent and aligned with the values they share. Nothing about their Instagram feels performative (which is increasingly uncommon) and their original content has made workwear feel cool. We don’t have an office uniform but these guys have made us consider it…


Makeup wearers rejoice, celebrity makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes is your new best friend. She does content like no other in the industry, uploading REGULAR tutorials, lives and videos that hold your hand through everything from everyday makeup to her recreations of editorial looks. Katie is funny, relatable and unpolished in the best way possible. Her highlights reel is packed with tutorials for the next time you’re feeling adventurous.


CJ Hendry is what you and I may call an Instagram artist but her hyper-realistic drawings and renders of luxury items have gone more than viral. She skips galleries and instead hosts solo exhibitions and most notably, surprise ‘drops’ of art and merch around different cities in the world. She shares their locations on her IG stories and let people flock to try and nab one. It both inspires you to pick up a pencil to try *yet another* rona hobby, and it’s entertaining. CJ’s art is also jaw dropping.


If you only follow one news page, make it this one. ABC is one of the few news channels doing social well. With the top five stories of the day posted (you got it) daily, fun filler pieces and breaking news deep dives, they’ve really got all you need to stay on top of the cycle. They utilise the IG story feature equally well, with easy to follow graphics and text posts that will have you nodding along far less blankly next time someone wants to talk about current affairs.


A talented writer artist who makes us genuinely LOL. His graphics are tongue in cheek as well as informative, with a big focus on mental health – but make it 2020. Follow for posts that make you say ‘Ha! Yes!’.


It’s Lucinda Froome’s world – we are all just living in it. We started following for the live Instagram dates and stayed for the Shane Warne and CEO content. Become an ’employee’ (follower) and she’ll be your most watched IG stories in no time.


If your new years resolution doesn’t involve sugar we’re warning you to skip Erin Clarkson’s heavenly Instagram account. For baked goods (think doughnuts, cinnamon scrolls and blondies), Erin does the *best* story content; her feed is also stunning. Her tutorials are all shot in birds eye over the kitchen bench, they’re detailed and easy to follow, and the recipes are winners every damn time! 


While we’re talking cooking…Jess BLEW UP this year with her delicious IG recipes taking over our newsfeeds. After some time to reflect during lockdown (thank you Melbourne) Jess started pumping out story and IGTV content and to say we’ve made a few would be an understatement. We can’t stop eating the vodka pasta & garlic bread scrolls, plus her chilli oil is iconic.


She’s been around the block but Ally is an influencer that feels like a breath of fresh air. She runs a digital and creative agency so you can imagine her content is anything but standard. Ally mix of ‘keeping it real’ content with high end, luxury fashion is seamless and her videos are always spot on.


Our top follows really boil down to a few unsurprising themes for 2020: escapism, cooking (or other lockdown activities), good news or fun stories and education on causes making the world better. Wonder what we’ll be recommending next year…