July 29, 2019
It’s time to consider podcasting for your business
There’s no doubt that 2019 is the year of the podcast and if you’re not already sinking your teeth not this much-loved medium you’re missing out. 

There are podcasts about virtually anything and when it comes to producing your own podcast there’s room and opportunity for everyone. 

In 2018, Nova Entertainment reported that 49% of podcast listeners are more likely to influence those around them and have a higher discretional spend on key categories such as retail, travel and entertainment. If that’s not reason enough to consider podcasting for your business, read on. 

Podcasts connect

When you tune into your favourite podcasts week on week, it can feel as if you’re settling in for a coffee catch-up with old friends. 

There’s something intimate about listening to conversations and stories and in-turn, podcasts facilitate building genuine relationships between listeners (aka potential clients/customers) and businesses. 

Fostering these relationships though meaningful conversations and good storytelling  encourages listeners to stay engaged with the brand and see them as a trusted source and authority figure in their respective industry. 

Easy to consume 

One of the key draw-cards that the podcast medium holds over other mediums is the convenience factor. 

Unlike video content and blogs. Podcasts can be consumed while doing almost anything. Cooking dinner? Throw on a podcast, driving to work, throw on a podcast, hitting the gym? You get the idea. 

That means you’re tapping into your customers ears without them having to abandon whatever they were doing before they downloaded your podcast. 

An opportunity to show-off people and personality 

For many brands, the people and stories within the business are their biggest asset. They can also be one of the harder things to show off. 

Podcasting is the perfect way to communicate your businesses voice and values in an engaging and fun way. 

And it doesn’t need to be a sales pitch. For instance, if you’re an accountant, why not start a podcast interviewing successful business people and talking money, or if you’re retailer you could start a podcast that tells the story of the people behind the products and how a product goes from being an idea to something stocked on shelves. 

Getting started 

We get it, there are lots of roadblocks for businesses taking the leap into the world of podcasting. That’s where we come in… our Podcasting Kickstarter helps get the ball rolling in the world of podcast production and deep dives into strategy, branding, content, and presentation. Get in touch with our team here to see how we can help. 

A few of WLKR’s favourite podcasts:

  • WLK The Talk: It’s us, need we say more?
  • The Cut: Left of field news and current affairs that might be missed by your usual news cycle.
  • Frugal Forever: Money saving hacks for millenials.
  • Serial Seasons 1&3 (skip season 2!): Stellar investigative journalism meets bingeworthy true crime
  • The Daily: News & current affair deep dives by the New York Times.
  • You Beauty: A Mamamia podcast for beauty junkies hosted by renowned beauty editor Leigh Campbell.
  • Bang On: Pop culture and music conversations by Myf Warhurst and Zan Rowe.