November 17, 2020
Marketing For Christmas: Where To Start
Christmas is just five weeks away – apologies for the disturbing reminder – don’t ask us where this year went. What does that mean for your digital marketing? It’s time to get organised and make the most of the holiday season. Here are the things you need to be thinking about before the big fella climbs down your chimney.

Start Scheduling

If you’ve followed us for a while you’ll know we love to harp on about the importance of scheduling your content. Any business owner struggles to set aside the time to post on social media, and the best trick in the book is to get yourself onto a scheduling software, and to get into the habit of scheduling chunks of content at a time. This is even more important during the silly season. Particularly for us Melbournians, whose time is now frantically spent between work and finally being allowed to socialise. Finding those hours to do some digital marketing is only getting harder as Christmas approaches. Get organised, gather your content and get yourself sorted . Ideally, we schedule clients ‘til the end of January so that no one needs to stress until they’re back at work. Our picks for Instagram scheduling are Sked and Planoly. We still schedule posts directly into Facebook as it’s the most reliable option.


Christmas Content

If you’ve started your schedule, you should be able to see where your gaps are. Do you need to film some videos? Perhaps you need to sneak in a photo shoot to make sure your products are poppin’ for those Christmas sales.

Think outside the box here, it’s not all about the bottom line. It’s the ideal time to revisit your brands values; is there room to tie in giving back? Could you create a gift guide to support some of your clients? This has been one of the toughest years in memory for many of us and small businesses took a huge hit. Support others where you can and use that messaging around giving back to those less fortunate over Christmas. You could even align your brand with a cause that you feel passionately about and contribute a certain amount of your profit over the month of December.


Have You Set Up A Shop?

With Instagram and Facebook shopping being taken to the next level this year, it’s time to take advantage of these features. If you’re a retailer, do you research. Read about the Facebook Blueprint course on shopping here. Get your catalogues updated, make sure your payment systems are working smoothly. If you’re using these features to their fullest capacity, you should see a nice spike in


Advertising Campaigns

It’s peak period for many retailers and so there are more campaigns active on Instagram and Facebook than any other time of year. What does this mean? Advertising becomes more expensive. You can expect your cost per click to increase, reach to decrease, etc. Don’t be alarmed and don’t take it as a sign that your advertising isn’t working – everyone’s in the same boat. If you’re selling products, having a campaign (or a few) is a no brainer over December. Unsure where to start? We can do it for you. Or, you can take our advertising course.



If you know you need to make the most of the next couple of months but you don’t know how to harness the power of digital, let us know. We can WLK you through it.