June 17, 2020
Why your original content matters.
We work with businesses from a variety of industries and spend a lot of time talking content. Be it photography, videography, graphic design or copywriting, it’s our job to strategise how you should be communicating with your target markets. We find ourselves having to convince a lot of potential clients on what feels like a no-brainer:  original content creation. To illustrate our point, we’ve collected our thoughts on why your original content is a non-negotiable when it comes to digital marketing.


As marketers, we bang on about brand a lot. This is your why as well as your customers why should I? Everything you share adds to your bigger brand picture and creating your own content allows you to choose what and how you communicate with your target markets. Your brand and even personal presence online can be shaped and supported by content you have externally sourced, but it is very hard to differentiate yourself from the crowd without creating your own.

By creating original, eye catching content you are also giving your audience something memorable. You are creating a positive experience for your viewer, compelling them to engage with your brand and come back for more. Your original content forms the basis from which your audience can build brand identity and attach a general ‘vibe’ to your name. It’s the basis of connection.


Not only does original content help establish your brand identity, but it also fosters trust and brand authority.  This is your strongest form of communication and isn’t communication the basis of trust? When your audience see an active presence on social media, with quick responses to their requests and queries, a strong sense of trust is established. When you create value without asking for anything in return your audience not only trusts you but looks to you as an authority in your industry.  This has serious sway when it comes to purchase decision making. Think about the products you buy online. Do you find yourself browsing The Iconic before you press checkout on those small boutiques? The better the user experience, the more opportunity there is to create a positive association and an engaged audience.


Original content is the hero of engagement on digital platforms. Why would someone follow, like, share or comment on something they’ve seen before? By creating original content your followers come to expect new things and want to follow to see what that will be. In the saturated world of social media, this follow is harder to get than ever before. We ask our clients, what are you doing to add value to your audiences newsfeed? Why would they follow you? The answer is always original content. This may include value adding tips, out-of-the-box photography or a unique product offering that you can only communicate by creating your own imagery or video.


Not to be ignored, creating original, high-quality, consistent content pushes your ranking up when it comes to search engine optimisation. Google wants to know your business is trustworthy and that you are an authority in your industry. Regurgitating someone else’s ideas just won’t cut it.

Convinced yet? Get in touch with us to see how we can help you plan your content strategy and start cutting through the noise of digital marketing.