May 26, 2020
Brands who pivoted during COVID-19
These are quite…don’t say it…unprecedented times. For businesses there has never been a clearer case for moving fast and adapting to the needs of their target market. If this were a tv show the narrator would speak in a low tone and say ‘it’s really sink or swim’. We’ve watched businesses restructure the way the operate and communicate in a matter of weeks and boy have been there been some incredible pivots. We’ve rounded up a few particularly inspiring Melbourne examples to get you motivated

Flowers Vasette

This Fitzroy florist was one of the first in Melbourne to turn around and ask their wholesale connections to supply fruit and veg where they couldn’t supply flowers. Sourcing produce, they were able to quickly offer beautifully curated fruits and veg boxes for delivery in Melbourne. Delivery was contactless and addressed a clear need amongst their consumers, selling out daily! They used their digital platforms to keep their audience in the loop in regards to flower delivery and promote their new produce hamper service. As we transition into this new normal, they have continued to offer hampers paired with floral arrangements. Order one for yourself here


The Elsternwick and Camberwell powerhouse is usually a tranquil wheel-based ceramic studio where beginners through to novices can give pottery a spin. When COVID-19 came knocking and closed the studios, they bit back with affordable at home clay kits. At $65 these flew off the shelf and came with exclusive at home tutorials to have customers getting crafty in lockdown. Sound like your cup of tea? They’ve restocked the kits here.

United Ride

There have been no shortage of fitness studios moving their classes online, but one particularly large pivot we saw came from United Ride in Richmond. This spin studio rented out their bikes to locals for a weekly membership that included online classes. Those who already had a bike at home could join in with the studio sharing over 45 at home workouts in the space of a just over a month. As one of the industries hardest hit by the pandemic, these guys were able to use their online platform to quickly share their plan and to keep riders up to date. Give their class a spin when they reopen next month, more info here.

Jericho Wines

If there’s one thing we know it is that the demand for wine during this period had to have increased. Online delivery is a tricky one when you’re moving heavy and fragile products so when you’re shipping wine to customers profit margins can suffer. Customers tend to stick to brands they know or can collect at their local bottleshop. Jericho wines, and a few others, saw an opportunity to bring the wine tasting experience to their customers homes with tasting packs and online video explanations. Customers stuck at home craving something to do (that wasn’t another puzzle) were able to not only taste a new wine, but have a new experience from lockdown. These packs continue to sell out but keep an eye on their website for the next round here.

The Travelling Pizza Pie

Ok we’re stretching the idea of a ‘pivot’ but The Travelling Pizza Pie launched their DIY gourmet pizza kits just in time for the global pandemic (yay!). With four different options to choose from, you can create your own bread masterpiece with home made and stretched dough, sauce, basil from their garden and toppings. It’s the halfway point between becoming a full blown at home chef and ordering your third Uber Eats pizza of the week. Supporting local business never tasted so good. Order from their next round of kits here.

WLKR Digital

Oops, how did we get in here? Well since we’ve got you, we just launched new online marketing courses. Three of them! Check them out here.