August 26, 2020
Running With It: Good Pair Days
If there’s one thing we love at WLKR, it’s puppies. Baby animals aside, we are also partial to a glass of vino which led us to the forces behind Good Pair Days. In a wine market drowning with good pours, Good Pair Days separates itself in the digital space with eye catching branding, platform optimisation and a strong tone of voice. Pour yourself a glass of something alcoholic and read our full list of reasons why this wine subscription service is taking their digital marketing strategy and running with it.

Branding, branding, branding

Consider our eye well and truly captured. Good Pair Days know their branding is strong and simple and they’re consistent with it. They sprinkle their colours through their IG feed and lean on it heavily for text and graphic posts. Their graphic designer gets a workout for the feed but it keeps the overall theme recognisable and fun.

They get personal

This online wine delivery service has found its feet by pushing the personalised angle and getting to know your tastebuds. A subscription service at its core, the brand sees the customer experience lift off with a quiz to match your tastes with their wine selection. Immediately, the service feels customised and the execution of the quiz itself is seamless. Finding a way to engage your audience by making them feel that your digital space is for them is the key to connection. This doesn’t have to be a personalised quiz or product, but does come back to creating content that is targeted to your specific audiences.

They’ve found their voice

If you’re looking for a clear example of a brand that knows their tone of voice, you’ve found it. Good Pair Days keep their tone light and fun to match their branding. They don’t shy away from puns; ‘No matter how mer-little you know about wine, chances are you’ve heard of Merlot’ but they also make sure they showcase their expertise by detailing facts about their wines that go beyond just a brief description. They are therefore able to make what can otherwise be quite a sophisticated world feel accessible to their market, the younger and more tech-savvy amongst us.

They know the power of a follow up

Good Pair Days have invested in email marketing and can you blame them? Email marketing is one of the lowest cost, highest sales drivers across industries. You’ve got your warm leads a click (ok maybe a few clicks) away with access to their inbox. They’re able to capture data using their leading quiz and then send follow ups to order, reorder or just to promote specials which they do regularly.

Platform specific content

These guys aren’t going to waste their platforms, Instagram in particular. They regularly share IG stories and most notably have begun doing weekly lives during the pandemic. Accessing their different contacts their weekly wine chats cover specific wines like their All about Chardonnay night, trivia with the ‘Wine Quiz’ and the ‘Meet the Maker’ live where followers can meet the faces behind their favourite bottles. This is a great instance where brands look beyond just sharing direct product content and ask themselves how they can add value to their audience’s social media newsfeeds.

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